May 23, 2003, esposure time 1h 20mins

(baking a cake, washing dishes, conversations)

June 14, 2003, exposure time 50mins

(listening music, washing, conversations)

June 14 2003, exposure time 1h 30mins

(cleaning, phone conversation)

June 10, 2003, exposure time 45mins

(toilet, reading, nap)

September14, 2003, exposure time 1h 30min

(reading, eating, playing with dog)

August 6, 2003, exposure time 1h

(meeting with I., wine, converations)

August 4, 2003, exposure time 45mins

(walking the dog)

JAROSŁAW KLUPŚ                            polish

     Outsine is Inside


     The Work


     Still on

     The greatest experience

     is the experience of mystery (III)

     Hommage par Ottomar Anschütz, Lissa

     The greatest experience

     is the experience of mystery (I)

     Melquiades’ Camera

     Magia Naturalis

     Selfportrait of the camera

     One of the most dangerous

     routes in the world









I installed a pinhole camera in front of my face so that I could prolong exposure up to a few hours. It was supposed to objectivize vision: ephemeral gestures and short-lived mimics invalidated each other leaving only hardly visible traces.

19th century physiognomists believed short-lived mimics reveal the truth about man. I am looking for it in endurance: exposing my own face I am busy with everyday activities – I talk to my friends, listen to music, work, eat, walk, sleep and so on. During the exposure I also record sounds accompanying each situation, that are played from behind of each picture at the exhibition. Intertwined these are both intimate but unfamiliar to me worlds - my voice and my appearance, from outside.

The confined expression of time flow revealed by the photographs embodies existence within some secret universe. With time objects change their meaning – they undergo unconscious verification, separating important from insignificant. Each white strip or smear in the image offers evidence of the past and develops a feeling of calm, slow rhythm of time in relation to which I remain – relatively – unchanged.

Installation - photographs ca.130x80 cm, speakers, mp3 players, 2003